Terms of use

General rules

“We”, “Us”, “Our” refer to company SIA “Emelat”, registration number 42403047948, legal address Eržepoles street 69, Viļaka, LV-4583, Latvia. “Shop”, “Shop’s”, “Shopping” refers to Our online shop available on website www.shopbackbro.eu. Our rules are valid when buying in Shop.
We may change Shopping rules at its sole discretion and without advance notice. During the process of buying the rules that are valid at the moment of placing an order are applied.
A client cannot place an order if he did not familiarize himself with Shopping rules. In all cases, it is considered that a client is familiar with the rules and agrees with them if before placing an order he confirms his agreement with the rules by choosing „Agree“. In cases when a client only partly agrees or does not agree with the rules or their part, he must not place or withdraw his order, otherwise, it is considered that a client is familiar, and fully and unconditionally agrees with all Shopping rules.
We are freed from any kind of responsibility in cases when losses and damage are experienced as a result of the client’s failure or inability to follow provided recommendations and his responsibilities, to familiarize himself with Shopping rules despite conditions created in order to conclude these actions.

Privacy policy

If a client wishes to receive Our newsletters there is an option to subscribe to news.
If a client wants to order goods, then some personal information to complete a delivery process should be provided: name, surname, delivery address, telephone number, other data needed for delivery. We confirm that this data will be used exclusively for the ordering and delivery of goods. We are obligated not to disclose this information to third parties except Our partners that provide delivery or other services related to completing the process of orders. Exceptions in the disclosure of any other type of client’s information to third parties in all cases are coordinated with a client. In all other cases, any kind of personal data can be disclosed only according to the legal acts of EU (European Union) law.
By reading and becoming familiar with Shopping rules a client confirms that he is informed about cookie files (files that are sent from theInternet server) saved on his computer while browsing Shop.
We confirm that it aims to use the most recent technologies in order to secure personal client’s data.

Conditions and rules for placing order

A client can choose goods while browsing the Shop website and on the basis of this choice the basket of goods is formed.
After the basket of goods is formed a client has to enter data that is needed in order to deliver chosen goods: his name, surname, delivery address, telephone number, and additional information that may be important for the delivery of goods. We confirm that any data provided by clients will be used exclusively for sales or delivery of goods without violation of requirements for personal data security set in EU legal acts.
A client has to choose one of the delivery options (see section “DELIVERY OF GOODS” for details) and payment forms available at Shop (see section “TERMS AND ORDER OF PAYMENT” for details).
The last step generates all client’s data entered and must be revised before confirmation. A client has an opportunity to correct or change entered data before he sends an order to Us. A client cannot confirm his order until the moment he marks that he is familiar and agrees with Shopping rules. In cases when a client chooses goods before the time he becomes familiar and agrees with Shopping rules, then he must do it before confirming his order and data provided in it.
After a client confirms his order it is sent to Us. An order is considered as placed from the moment it is received by Us. Also, it is considered that a distance agreement between a client and Us is concluded. Although this kind of agreement is completed only after We receive a confirmation from the bank or other Our partner chosen by a client about a received payment for delivered goods.
After a client places his order Our system automatically generates and sends him an e-mail with ordered goods and a delivery option is provided.
An order placed by a client is stored in Our partner’s Mozello SIA, registration number 40203002519, legal address Mežsargu street 33, Jūrmala, LV-2008, Latvia, database according to requirements and terms set in legal acts of the EU.
In all cases it is considered that a client is familiar and unconditionally agrees with Shopping rules before placing an order.

Guarantees and pricing

Characteristics of items are written by each item in Shop.
We indicate and a client agrees that he is familiar with the fact that goods described in the Shop and their color, form, and other parameters can be different from their real color, form, and other parameters because of the monitor’s characteristics.
A client agrees to pay the fee generated after placing an electronic order.
Prices are set in euros.
We sell goods according to conditions set in the order. In case when delivered goods mismatch certain conditions of the order, a client agrees to immediately inform Us by e-mail and We undertake all needed activities to eliminate defects if they arose on behalf of Us or third parties that represent it.
Goods related liabilities:
  • We are liable for delivering goods of appropriate quality and according to the conditions set in the order.
  • We are liable for providing the number of goods that were set in the order. We are not responsible for delivering an incorrect quantity of goods when a client enters an incorrect number in his order at Shop.
  • In all cases We deliver an assortment of goods according to the criteria of the order.
  • In cases when an order supposes to comprise a certain package of items, We are liable for delivering all items that comprise that package.
  • Goods are packed according to their characteristics and with an aim to prepare them for proper use.

Terms and order of payment

A client pays for ordered goods:
  • By Visa/Mastercard payment card or via internet banking. These payments are handled by Klix payment platform (SC "Citadele banka", registration number 40103303559, legal address Republikas laukums 2A, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia).
  • By invoice payment by bank transfer.
  • By Paypal payments system.
A client agrees to pay for ordered goods immediately otherwise he becomes exempt from the right to lay any claims about violations of delivery terms because a package of goods on the basis of the client’s order is formed only after We receive payment for goods.

Order cancellation

The customer has the legal right to cancel the order. The customer may cancel his contractual obligations within 7 (seven) days by submitting a relevant notice with the order number where the customer's decision to cancel the contract is clearly stated. The term starts from the moment the customer's order is received, but not later than before the product is sent to the customer. When the product has already been shipped, but the customer wants to cancel the order, the goods must be returned.
Cancellations must be sent to: care@backbro.eu The title of the message should contain the text “Order cancellation M-1234567”, where M-1234567 is the order number that the customer has received to the specified e-mail at the time of placing the order.

Return policy

A client has a right to exchange delivered goods to analogous goods of different sizes, forms, colors, models, or complexity or to return goods he dislikes.
This right can be exercised in 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of transferring goods. This right is related to a fact that a client is unsatisfied with the size, form, color, model or appropriate complexity of goods.
An exchange or return is possible only when exchanged or returned goods meet these requirements:
  • were not used;
  • were not spoilt or damaged;
  • consumption and usage functions were preserved;
  • marketable appearance was preserved.
Alterations of packages needed to examine goods are not considered to be damaged or lost of marketable appearance. In all cases, goods must be returned in the original package including attached manufacturers’ labels and stickers. A client must present purchase documents when returning Shop goods.
Goods can be exchanged or returned only in case when they meet the requirements named in this section. A sum paid for ordered goods is refunded not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the moment We receive returned goods. A sum spent for delivery of goods is non-refundable. A monetary refund is returned using the original method.
In order to return goods, a request should be sent to: care@backbro.eu The title of the message should contain the text “Return M-1234567”, where M-1234567 is the order number that the customer has received to the specified e-mail at the time of placing the order. Every case is carried out individually.

Delivery of goods

We send goods to a client during the time interval marked by each item. Delivery time depends on the chosen delivery option. If several items are ordered, then accumulated delivery will be delivered during the longest interval marked among ordered goods. This is not applicable in cases when certain goods are not available at Shop and the client is informed about the shortage of ordered goods. Also, a client should agree that in exceptional cases delivery of goods can be postponed due to force major. In such cases, We will immediately contact the client and arrange goods delivery procedures.
When ordering a client must provide a delivery address and a person which will receive goods.
A client has to receive goods himself. If he cannot do it himself and goods are delivered to the provided address and on the basis of other data provided by a client, then a client cannot place claims about delivery to the wrong person.
The goods ordered in the Shop are delivered via selected parcel terminal network intermediation (DPD Pickup, Omniva, or Latvijas Pasts parcel terminals). In cases where the client is unable to accept the goods within the specified time, he undertakes to notify Us immediately by e-mail care@backbro.eu.
We are freed from responsibility in all cases when terms of delivery of goods are violated due to the client’s fault or circumstances dependent on him.
A client must immediately contact Us by e-mail care@backbro.eu if a package is not delivered during the time interval entered in order; and in all cases when an order is delivered in a damaged package; or when a package contains goods that were not ordered or there is an incorrect quantity of goods, an incomplete set of goods, goods of inappropriate sizes.
In all cases when a damaged package is delivered a client must write a comment about a damaged package or other inappropriate delivery events on delivery documents. A client must perform these actions when a courier is still present. If these actions are not carried out We are freed from responsibility concerning the damage of goods.

Other rules

All communications with Us must be carried out by e-mails: care@backbro.eu.
An agreement is concluded and executed in Latvian or English. Communication between a client and Us is carried out in Latvian or English.
Any dispute, disagreement, or claim arising out of this agreement is resolved by negotiation. If the parties can not agree within 1 (one) month, the dispute will be settled by the court of the Republic of Latvia.