Get the healthy posture You`ve always wanted
Personal posture trainer BACKBRO is a great daily assistant to remind you to sit up straight. This device is perfect for people who work with a computer.
BACKBRO is an electronic device for daily use that is placed on a neck. The design and positioning of the device gives the user the ability to train not only spinal muscles but also neck muscles on a daily basis. BACKBRO helps the user to get the right posture, therefore, increasing self-confidence and self-awareness, while also reducing the potential spine, vascular, and respiratory problems in the future.
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BACKBRO features

Unique design
BACKBRO design will help to detect and reduce both neck and back slouch
Easy daily usage
Put BACKBRO around your neck and start using – it takes only 5 seconds
Leather cover
Genuine leather handmade cover for the best comfort
Adjustable and durable
Stainless steel core is used to adjust to any size
Gesture control
Button-less design is intuitive to use with gestures
Ready to use
BACKBRO is always ready to use and no extra devices are needed
Battery life
Estimated battery life on single charge is up to 2 weeks
Gentle vibration
BACKBRO uses gentle vibrations so others will not notice
Radiation free
BACKBRO does not emit continuous electromagnetic radiation

Technical specification

Device dimensions
Small (S) 110 x 110 x 25 mm
Medium (M) 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Large (L) 130 x 130 x 25 mm
Small (S) 27 g
Medium (M) 30 g
Large (L) 33 g
Stainless steel core and handmade genuine leather cover
Rechargeable lithium polymer 40 mAh
5V micro-USB (30 mA) (charging cable included)

How to use?

Put BACKBRO around your neck
Adjust the curvature of BACKBRO during the first use so that it does not create pressure points on the neck. In order to achieve the desired results more efficiently, it is important to arrange an ergonomic and convenient workspace. Do not apply pressure or fold the device in the extended middle part.
Choose your preferred sitting position
Physiotherapists recommend that BACKBRO should be used for a maximum of four hours a day, while new users should not use the device for more than two hours a day – preferably with 30-minute intervals. Experienced users are advised to stand straight against the wall with their back and head attached and to set BACKBRO in this position.
Set BACKBRO position
BACKBRO is controlled by gestures. When you take it in your hands, the device goes to standby mode. With two consecutive taps on the surface of the device, BACKBRO is set in the preferred position. To turn it off, flip the device with the charging port up and place it on the surface.
User manual

Customer reviews

What our customers say about BACKBRO?
Feels like a light upper back workout, but you get used to it.
Marcus G.
Reminds to sit up straight and wakes me up when I fall asleep at the desk :D
John. S.
Must-have if you spend a whole day at the computer.
Christiana L.
Vibration makes me sit upright instantly when I start to slouch.
Ann M.
I feel confident since I wear it. Recommend.
Jeremy T.
It’s been helping me when I’m working at my standing desk.
Phillis F.
Nice way to improve your posture. Happy with the purchase.
Erick C.
My posture seems better already. Thank you!
Francis R.
Simple and useful. Does the job.
Elizabeth M.
Ordered one for my brother, he found it interesting and useful.
Simone P.


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